Jeremy Mendes
Artist/ Producer

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  4. Devil’s Toy Redux
  5. This Land
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This  LandCo-Director w/ Dianne Whelan

This Land documents the Canadian Army's most extensive patrol of the Arctic since 1947. In March 2007 seven Canadian and Inuit Rangers, riding in a convoy of snowmobiles, covered more than 2000 km from Resolute to the northernmost tip of Canadian soil — 412 km from the North Pole.

Joining the mission was filmmaker Dianne Whelan. As the first woman and non-military member of a northern patrol there was scepticism about her ability to make it. As a full-fledged member of the expedition, she was expected to pull a 2000-lb wooden sled behind her snowmobile, through blizzards, -50°C temperatures, labyrinths of crushed sea ice and near-impassable glaciers.

Whelan not only completed the entire 16-day journey but extensively filmed and photographed the experience, carrying camera batteries in her bra to keep them from freezing and grabbing shots from the back of her moving snowmobile.

Along the way she captured the immense beauty and intense isolation of the north, found camaraderie with the men undertaking the mission, and discovered a new sense of connection with this land we call Canada.

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  • SXSW - Official Selection  
  • DOXA - Official Selection 
  • Gemini Awards - Official Selection 
  • Word Media Awards - Official Selection 

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