Jeremy Mendes
Artist/ Producer

  1. Far Away from Far Away
  2. Seven Deadly Digital Sins
  3. Bear 71
  4. Devil’s Toy Redux
  5. This Land
  6. Charity
  7. Corpus
  8. Interactive
  9. Short Film
  10. Current Projects


Making shit with pixel’s since 1989

Jeremy Mendes is a Canadian digital media artist, director, and producer known for his innovative work in interactive storytelling and multimedia production. He has received recognition for his contributions to projects that blend art, technology, and storytelling.

Mendes studied at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, where he graduated with a diploma in Fine Art. He is also a self-taught designer, illustrator, and producer.


Mendes' career spans over two decades, during which he has held various roles in the digital media industry. He has worked with renowned organizations such as the National Film Board of Canada, where he served as a Designer/Developer from 2011 to 2015. During his time at the National Film Board, Mendes co-created several acclaimed projects, including "Bear 71," "The Last Hunt," and "This Land."

As a freelancer, Mendes has collaborated with a diverse range of clients, including Switch United and Noise Digital, where he provided art direction and design services.

Mendes has also held senior positions at Fiver Media, Blast Radius, CBC Radio 3, Relic Entertainment, and, where he has led teams and directed projects across various platforms.

Notable Works

Mendes is best known for his work on "Bear 71," an interactive web documentary that explores the intersection of humans, animals, and technology in the wilderness of Banff National Park. The project received critical acclaim and won numerous awards, including a Gold Cyber Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival.

His other notable works include "The Last Hunt," "This Land," "The Devil's Toy Redux," and "The Seven Digital Deadly Sins."

Awards and Recognition

Throughout his career, Mendes has received numerous awards and accolades for his work in digital media and interactive storytelling. Some of his notable awards include:

• Gold Cyber Lion at the Cannes Lions Festival

• Digi Award for Best Web Series Fiction

• Webby Award for Best Netart

• FWA Site of the Year


Mendes has presented his work at prestigious festivals and events worldwide, including Sundance New Frontiers Lab, DOXA, IDFA, and FITC.

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