Jeremy Mendes
Artist/ Producer

  1. Far Away from Far Away
  2. Seven Deadly Digital Sins
  3. Bear 71
  4. Devil’s Toy Redux
  5. This Land
  6. Charity
  7. Corpus
  8. Interactive
  9. Short Film
  10. Current Projects

Corpus and the Wandering Producer
Short Film - 7:06
Premiere - Annecy Film Festival 2024

One dancer, one body, one phone. Corpus and The Wandering is a short experimental self-portrait made in the time of video-grids and Zoom calls. It is about living in the landscape of the digital age – a reality that has forced us all to see the world and ourselves through a computer screen, alone in our homes, alone with our devices.

Modern society lives on the grid. Phone screens, conference calls, cubicles, apartment windows. We are systemically divided by a culture that profits from our collective alienation.  Corpus and the Wandering, an experimental self-portrait that follows one woman’s journey as she rediscovers her inner compass and kinship with nature. Using only her own body and her iPhone, Roy transforms a 100-screen grid into a wonderland of the Earth and beyond. A mix of technical innovation and creative vulnerability, Corpus and the Wandering dares to ask how we can remove the walls of a fragmented society and repurpose technology to align with an interconnected future.

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